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Lash Lift

technician doing lash lift

A lash lift is a natural way of getting you lashes to look as though they have mascara on, without any mascara. The lash lift will start to drop out after two months and after this your lashes will start to go back to the way they were before the lash lift. Don’t worry about how your lashes will look after some have dropped out because they usually drop out evenly. If you are wanting to get them re-done, then we suggest you come back after one month at the minimum or you can wait until they are completely back to the way they were before the lash lift.

Customize Results

If you think that doing your make up is a chore then try getting a lash lift. You can customize your results. You can decide how the end results will look before doing the treatment. You will discuss with one of our lash technicians about the look you are going for whether it’s more dramatic and up or a soft curl. You will have a patch put under you eye before the process begins. There will be a series of steps which the technician will go through to soften your lashes and set your lashes to their new shape.


You will lay down with your eyes closed, so don’t worry about the products getting into your eyes. In fact feel free to fall asleep while you get your lash lift. We will start by cleaning your lashes in order to make sure there are no products on them and then we will start to press the lashes back in order for them to stick to the silicone rod. After this we will leave the lashes for a while so that the product has enough time to work its magic and then we will clean off the products. This process should take 45 minutes.

24 Hours After

We always tell our clients here at Vegas Lashes that we don’t want clients using any products on their lashes for at least 24 hours after any lash treatment. We don’t want any water on the lash lift for 24 hours after. We tell clients not to use any mascara, even after the 24 hours is over as the chemicals inside the mascara will dry out your lashes and ruin your lash lift. We especially don’t want clients to use waterproof mascara as the chemicals inside are not good for your beautiful lash lift.

Low Maintenance

If you prefer a treatment that is more low maintenance, then a lash lift is for you. You won’t have to worry about coming in every 2 weeks to fill up your lashes and brush them out daily. You won’t have to worry too much about how your cleaning your lashes after a lash lift or how much water you’re getting on them after a certain amount of days. Also the plus side about a lash lift is that there will never be any fake hairs that fall out after the treatment as the hairs are all your natural hairs. If you want to naturally enhance your existing lashes then choose a lash lift.