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Keratin Lash Lift

technician doing keratin lash lift

Are you more interested in a treatment for your lashes that does not involve any fake lashes and rather enhances your existing lashes? This process won’t involve adding any hairs to your lashes. The reason this treatment is so popular is because it is your own lashes but just a whole lot better. The same way that a mascara lifts your lashes, so does a lash lift. Also we want our clients to know that a keratin lash lift is different to a lash perm. This treatment is for the people who don’t enjoy going back and forth to the lash lounge to keep getting their extensions put pack in.


Your eyes will remain closed throughout the treatment so you don’t have to worry about getting anything into your eyes. This treatment is an alternative to getting eyelash extensions and false lashes. The outcome are your natural lashes just looking more curled back and this effect will last for a while. We will be lifting and curling each individual hair so that no hair is left out. The lash lift usually lasts about 8-12 weeks. We advise you to not wet the lashes after the treatment, as the product is still developing for around 2 days after.

Keratin Protein

Keratin is a protein that people usually use in their hair. They use it in their hair to strengthen it and give it a glossy and shiny appearance. It’s a protein that makes up your nails, hair and skin. It’s a protective protein hence why we use it in the lash lift. Keratin has to be present in the formula used on your lashes in order for it to be called a keratin lash lift. Let our team of lash technicians give your lashes the lift they need all while using a healthy protein that will treat your lashes as the same time.

Who is this treatment for?

This treatment is for anyone, any age and specifically people who want to enhance their natural lashes without adding any fake lashes. Some clients prefer to not get eyelash extensions and prefer a more natural approach to getting their eyes to look more open and their lashes to look way more curled back and up. You’re also free to use any make up that you want after the treatment as its just your natural lashes. Also if you are someone who is looking for a pre-treatment before a lash extension then we can do a lash lift a few weeks before the lash extensions in order to add that extra dramatic effect.


We advise our clients, when booking with us, to not wear any make up before getting the treatment done. We will let our clients in on all the details before, during and after the treatment to make sure they know exactly what to do and what not to do. A few of our instructions we give out are that clients’ needs to avoid rubbing their eyes after the treatment, don’t get the lashes wet, remove make up on your eyes with a make-up remover that does not contain any oils and brush out the lashes every day with a lash brush.