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Eyelash Extensions Las Vegas

technician doing eyelash extensions

Our lash technicians will walk our clients through the process before hand in order to make sure they feel comfortable. The technicians will talk about the prepping and the process. They will tape down your bottom lashes to protect them from sticking to the top, which you don’t have to worry about as its completely comfortable. Your eyes may twitch a little in the beginning of the process which is completely normal and they will calm down as they get more comfortable.

Lash Fill

If you don’t need to get all of them done then we can just fill in a few in any of the missing places or fix where the lashes have overgrown. This treatment is for when you don’t need to get the lashes all done again but just need to add a few extra hairs. A lash fill will usually take place every 2 or 4 weeks. If you wait longer than 4 weeks, then it will just take a longer time to fill the lashes as there will be a lot more lash hairs that need to be filled.

Eyelash Extension vs Lash Lift

This all depends on how you feel towards the two treatments such as if you prefer natural or fake. If you are a person who is okay with adding fake hairs into your eyelashes in order to get a bold and dramatic look then eyelash extensions are definitely for you. If you don’t want any fake hairs and would rather work with you’ve got, then a lash lift is more for you. Another thing to consider is that you won’t be able to use mascara on your lash extensions, but you will be able to use mascara after your lash perm. The question is do you prefer low maintenance or not?

Before Treatment

Don’t wear any make up before the treatment and when you come in for the treatment in order to keep your lashes as clean as possible before the extensions. We want to start the process with a clean slate so we can best understand your natural lashes as well as for the products to work to the best of their ability. You don’t need to worry about what you will do after the treatment as we will provide you with a lash maintenance kit and instructions. If you have very sensitive eyes then please let our lash technicians know in order to make you feel more comfortable and to allow the process to run as smooth as possible.

After Treatment

You need to brush through your lash extensions so that they don’t tangle and stay in their places, especially after you sleep. We suggest you minimize the amount of oily products you use on your eyelids in order for any oils to get close to your lash extensions. If you are trying to use cotton pads to clean your face then please be careful of them catching onto your lash extensions and pulling them. You do have to clean your lashes due to the natural oils your body produces. We advise you to use an oil free cleaning product when cleaning your lashes. There are lash cleaning products to make your lift a lot easier.