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We don’t want people not feeling confident enough in their lashes. We want you to have the luscious lashes you have always dreamed about. If you are concerned about the procedures and how long they take, then we welcome you to call our customer care team who will be able to provide you with all of the details about the procedures. If you are wanting to get your lashes done, then come to the Eyelash extensions Las Vegas team and we can make your lash dreams come true. If you are interested in any of our lash services, then feel free to call us on the number which is provided on our website. If you are needing to contact us outside of our normal working hours, then you can fill out a form on our website which allows you to leave your questions and we can call you back as soon as we can. Our customer care team will be more than happy to help you out and be of assistance in any way. We also welcome our clients to call us after any procedures, if they have any further questions or forget any of the maintenance steps the lash experts told them to do in order to keep the lashes looking spot on. The team will provide you with a list of maintenance steps to take after the procedure, this is so that our clients are well informed and have all the basic information on their new lashes.