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Best Eyelash Extensions

technician doing eyelash extension

We suggest you take breaks before your sessions of eyelash extensions in order to allow your natural lashes to stay healthy. There are different eyelash extension materials to choose from at our lash lounge so that you can get exactly what you are wanting as well as go for something to suit your budget. Our lash technicians can go through all the criteria on lashes in order to make decisions about the curl, length and color of your lashes to be.


There is a list of things you need to consider before making the choice about your eyelash extensions. You need to think about your eye shape and how the curl and length of your new lashes will look. You need to think about the actual size of your eyes as big and small eyes will suit certain lengths and volumes. Your eye color can also play a part in this decision on extensions. Our lash technicians will also need to take a look at your natural lashes and see if they are healthy and strong. We will also need to know about any allergies before-hand in order to keep you safe.


After looking at all the different types of features on your face and your eyes, you will then need to choose a color for your lashes. After this choice you will get to choose which type of curl you would like and if you’re not sure which one to go with then we can help make the best decision for you. The is the choice of black which is the typical and more timeless color but then if you are wanting to be a little more daring then you can try going for a full set of color lashes.


When it comes to choosing which type of curl you are looking to get then we can inform you on all the different choices there are to choose from. The J curl is the most natural looking curl out of all the curls, the B curl starts off straight and then curls at the end, the C curl actually lifts your eyes too, the CC curl is a little more dramatic, the D curl is the shape of a half circle and the L+ curl will help you get the maximum lift. We want to make sure we choose the right length and width for your lashes as the wrong choice could damage your existing and natural lashes.

After Treatment

If you get home after the treatment and wonder how to take care of your lash extensions, then let us walk you through the steps now. Firstly, we want you to wet the lashes with warm water, only use a cleanser on your face that is alcohol free and use this to gently wash your lashes and the surrounding areas. We suggest to let them dry by themselves and don’t use any drying agents. If you find the eyelashes getting stuck to one another then we suggest you brush the lashes out with a clean mascara brush to keep them looking their best.