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About Our Team

lashes technician advising client

We are the best lash Las Vegas team in the Nevada area! We do the best Vegas lashes and have the best lash lounge Las Vegas has. If you are wondering how much does a lash lift cost, then we can answer this question for you by calling our customer care number, which is provided on our website. We have been open for a number of years and our clients are like family to us. We pride ourselves on our high standards of work ethics and our goal for perfection in every appointment. Trust us, you will definitely want a perfectionist to handle your lashes as this is not an easy job. We advise our clients on all the best steps to take before coming into the salon such as coming in with no make-up or cream om their face, shower before as you won’t be able to get the eyelashes wet for up to two days after and to not wear any contacts for the appointment. We will also let our clients know what to do after the lash service in order to keep it looking the way it is and to maintain it. If you have any questions after the service, then feel free to contact our team to ask about your situation so that we can give you the best advise possible. Finally, if you don’t have many natural eyelashes then we can help re-create your eyelashes for you and give you your confidence back.