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Vegas Lashes,Eyelash Extensions Las Vegas, Lash Lift LV

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Vegas Lashes is a luxury lash boutique and the most amazing lash studio Las Vegas has ever seen. Our Lash lounge and our cherry lash lounge all provide services that will give you the best eyelashes Las Vegas has to offer. We know there is no better feeling in the world than knowing you have the best lashes that don’t even need any make-up. Lash extensions and a tint can honestly change how you’re feeling and we are all for self-care in our company. We believe that self-care is one of the most important things you can do if you’re wanting to be healthy and happy.

About Us

We are the best lash Las Vegas team in the Nevada area! We do the best Vegas lashes and have the best lash lounge Las Vegas has. If you are wondering how much would a lash lift cost, then we can answer this question for you by calling our customer care number which is provided on our website. We have been open for a number of years and our clients are like family to us. We pride ourselves on our high standards of work ethics and our goal for perfection in every appointment. Trust us, you will definitely want a perfectionist to handle your lashes as this is not an easy job.


    Our Services

    We provide the best eyelash extensions Las Vegas Nevada has to offer. If you are looking for lash extensions Las Vegas, then look no further. Our lash team are professional and well trained. The team have a number of years of experience working with lashes. We offer a wide variety of lash services such as a lash lift service, lash tint service, keratin lash lift service, eyelash extensions and an eyelash perm service. Basically if you have any lash needs then we are the team of experts for the job and we can help decide on which color and thickness you suit.

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    Eyelash Extensions Las Vegas

    Eyelash extensions Las Vegas Nevada, if you are wanting to know more about our eyelash extensions Las Vegas prices, then feel free to contact us. This treatment is done when a client is trying to enhance the length, curliness, thickness and fullness of their natural eyelashes. This way you can wake up and have dark eye lashes without having to put a few coats of mascara on in the morning and you’ll never need to use make-up remover on your eyelashes again.

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    Lash Lift

    Are you wanting your eyes to look more open and your lashes to look like they have more volume? We provide a Lash lift service. This service can also help if you feel that you are always looking tired. We are the best lash lift Las Vegas has ever seen. This treatment works by lifting each lash to its fullest potential. The results can last between 6-8 weeks after the treatment.

    “I was looking for a lash lift near me and found Vegas Lashes. I now have the best lash lift I have ever had! I highly recommend this company and have been telling all my friends to go here now, which they are all loving. They’re really professional and made sure I was comfortable the whole time. They are the best lash lifting near me.” -Jenna V

    close up blue eyes lashes
    Lash Lift and Tint

    We provide a lash lift and tint service. A lash lift will help if you’re feeling as though your lashes are there but they’re just not lifted up enough in order to make your eyes pop. A tint can also help create that pop effect therefore the two services together make a perfect combination and that is why we offer it as a package service. This way your eyelashes can leave our lash lounge with a frame therefore making the color of your eyes really stand out.

    close up brown eyes lashes
    Keratin Lash Lift

    Are you looking to get a Keratin lash lift? We are the number one lash tint Las Vegas service in the area. We will advise you to come to your appointment with no eye make up on and no primer or creams even. We will firstly put a PH stabilizer solution on your eyelashes, the apply a gel based adhesive, followed by applying the shield. Then we will lift the eyelashes onto the shield. After a few other steps, your eyelashes will be looking much more curled back.

    “I was looking for a lash lift and tint near me and then came across Vegas Lashes in a review place online. I was also looking for eyelash tint and lift near me and came across the exact same company. This is when I decided to finally give it a try and now I keep going back to them. They’re the best eyelash lift and tint near me” -Sam T

    technician doing eyelash extensions
    Best Eyelash Extensions

    This is a semi-permanent treatment. We provide the best eyelash extensions Las Vegas has to offer and the only Las Vegas eyelash extensions that you will ever need. Are you wanting to get eyelash extensions? Our lash technicians will walk you through the different options of lashes you can have. We like to call this treatment the envious lashes treatment as that’s what everyone around you will be, a little envious.

    finished eyelash perm tint
    Eyelash Perm and Tint

    Are you wanting to get an eyelash perm and tint? An eyelash tint involves making your eyelashes darker so that they stand out more and look as though they have mascara on them naturally.  If you get an eyelash tint, then you won’t need to put any mascara on. How amazing does that sound? Firstly, with a perm we roll your eyelashes back to stick to a perm pad, we apply eyelash perm cream and we wait a while before removing the cream and applying a neutralizer. We are the number one Vegas Eyelash service in the area.

    “I’ve been searching for an eyelash and perm tint near me for a while now and finally found the perfect place. I also needed to find an eyelash lift near me and ended up choosing the same company. I am obsessed with my eyelash and perm tint! I am very happy with the results.” -Laura D

    Call Us Today

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    If you are interested in any of our lash services, then feel free to call us on the number which is provided on our website. If you are needing to contact us outside of our normal working hours, then you can fill out a form on our website which allows you to leave your questions and we can call you back as soon as we can. Our customer care team will be more than happy to help you out and be of assistance in any way.